Leannan Sidhe, AJA and Betsy

Leannan Sidhe is a fey Cascadian singer/songwriter with a lovely shimmering soprano voice, gypsy feet and an overwhelming fondness for bittersweet fairytale folk music. Her primary companion is the Prince of Cats, her trusted adviser is a clever gypsy boy, and her favorite musicians to play with are a band of Tricky Pixies.

Most recently released is her new album, Mine to Love, a mix of dark fairy tales and passion, wrapped in a labyrinth, sprinkled with enchantment and served with a side of whimsy. Once again she is joined by Alexander James Adams, Betsy Tinney, and Sunnie Larson, as well as SJ Tucker, Rob Lindfors, Jeri Lynn Cornish, Crime and the Forces of Evil, and Bards of a Feather. The album artwork was painted by the very talented Rob Carlos who perfectly combined elements from her songs with inspirations drawn directly from life and transformed into something utterly enchanting.

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Mine to Love

Fragile Dreams

Roses and Ruin

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