Three New Songs in One Day

2015-04-20 15.37.45.jpgI will say this for heartbreak, its one hell of an inspiration to write. I wrote three songs the day before yesterday. Three. And one more today for good measure. 

And before you all go jumping to conclusions, feeling broken-hearted isn’t exclusively limited to romantic relationships. Ask any parent who has to watch their child make really terrible decisions or anyone who has empathy for the state of the world and wishes there was far less hate and far more acceptance.

Its funny, all the songs I’ve written lately and I still haven’t written the one I want to write. Its like the elements are broken up and scattered in between all the the others like a jigsaw puzzle or a riddle that you have to piece together to find the hidden image.

Of course given that Faerie folk are rarely straightforward, I suppose that may be frustratingly appropriate.

I really want to start sharing some of what I’ve been working on, but I’m saving up material to start up my own Patreon. I want a backlog in case life happens so I don’t disappoint all you wonderful fans by not coming up with new shinies for you. 🙂

As a tease, the working titles for my new songs are:

Bigger on the Inside (Strip Me Down)
Its an empath song about being done with being less for other people who don’t appreciate how hard it is to suppress so much just to interact.

The Rules
Or how to survive in Faerie, and the cost of taking any Faerie creature for granted.

Artifacts of You
About how hard it is to truly let someone go in this digital age.


Space Isn’t Big Enough
Another empath song, about the kind of connection you can feel anywhere and can’t ever fully shut out. Structurally this one is interesting. 

2 Comments on “Three New Songs in One Day

  1. So excited to hear! As your mother do I get a special hearing? 😀💖
    I am so proud of you my Sunshine!

    Liked by 1 person

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