Coming Soon to a Theater Near Seattle… ish. 

I would like all my posts to be thoughtful or clever, or though provoking but it’s been a long day and my mind is a bit scattered. So here are some interesting events to consider checking out.

 Instead I shall inform you that this weekend at the Seattle Repertory Theater (in Seattle, WA) we are hosting a musical adaptation of The Odyssey featuring over 100 Seattle based performers. (Friday-Sunday)

Coming up quickly on September 23rd in Kennewick, WA is the Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire where Dara and I will be entertaining the masses at least three times a day. Come say hi!

Our dear and talented Betsy Tinney is having an album release concert for her second album Wyverns in the Winery at 7pm on Saturday, November 4th at the Kenmore Community Center. (I get to help with sound again!)

December 16th at the Paramount Lindsey Stirling is playing in town. Also on a completely related note, I have awesome friends. She’s fun to see live (and yes, she can bend like that and play at the same time). 

What other interesting events should I know about? Feel free to share!

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