No Lovesick Suicidal Mermaids Here

Happy not being human

Photo ©2015 Shanti Singleton
Okay, wow. Songwriting is once again devouring my brain. I have been working on collecting all the songs I’ve written that have been inspired by a particular muse into a blank book, and got to the end of the finished works and had blank pages and really good unfinished songbits. So I did the obvious thing and finished them. 

I still had blank pages. So I wrote an entirely new song. I still have blank pages. I am not writing nine more songs in a week for this project. Probably. (except the one that’s mostly finished, but that’s not inspired by the muse so much as the blank pages so it doesn’t count really). 

But! Of the new ones, I am happy to have “The Left Behind”, sung by those imaginary friends brought to life and then abandoned, about becoming. Think the Velveteen Rabbit, Puff the Magic Dragon, and even Tinkerbelle. 

Then there’s “Foundling of the Deep” which paints the story of the little mermaid in an entirely different light and adds just a touch of science. What if there was no witch? What if she never gave up her voice at all, it’s just that human ears can’t hear it when it’s out of water? What if she left for curiosity not love, and knew her time on land was a passing thing? No lovesick suicidal mermaids here. 

I feel music right now, as a tangible thing all around me and when I dip my hands in it becomes hard not to write. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I move from one to the next so quickly that I have barely any time to sit and work with them. I console myself that that’s what my uninspired days are for. When I don’t have new things begging to be let out is when I go play with the significant backlog that’s piling up. 

It’s like magic. It feels the same really, and to my mind there’s not much different between magic and music. That a song can literally change how we feel, if that’s not the biggest magic there is, I don’t know what is. There’s a responsibility to use that gift kindly and wisely if you have it, but at the right moments it can save lives. 

One Comment on “No Lovesick Suicidal Mermaids Here

  1. In the process of sorting and moving, I’ve run across songs you wrote when you were very young I’m really glad the music is still with you! And I love what you do with it

    I am also enjoying your spurts of writing lately


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