What Kind of Album Do You Want Next?

My dearest darling fans, I need your help! 

I have around 60 unrecorded songs (that’s about 5 albums) and you’ve all been very patient while I focused on school. I just sorted them and I’ve got enough to make a good Pagan/Elemental album, two Fairy Tale themed (could go children’s for one or mix them), and then there are two that are more emotion and imagery based. Heartbreak and joy, solar eclipses and storms, a little bit of the blues. 

Or I could pull from all of them and mix and match other ways. Best of? Bittersweet? Lighthearted? Angry? Sleepy and soothing or driving and energetic? Loving?

My question for you is what kind of album do you want next? How do you liked your songs gathered together? What I choose now affects what I make next, by eliminating songs from the pool. I’ve got my own ideas, but I would very much like to hear yours. 

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