Japanese Peach Beverages Are Magic (my first day in Japan)

Going through SeaTac inspection was the most amazingly painless experience flying I’ve ever had. Shoes? Stayed on. Liquids and electronics? Left in the bag please and thank you. This seemed to be true for everyone I could see that day. I lost my ticket between my last trip to the bathroom and the plane but they let me on anyway while keeping an eye out for anyone trying to use my ticket (it was fine, thankfully).

The flight itself was long (nonstop on ANA), but they served us two meals and I discovered if I wasn’t trying to sleep or just watch movies, but actually spent the time working on one of the projects known for sucking hours from me in a blink of an eye, that it felt like a quite short flight really. Possibly the fact that I still felt full when the second meal was served may have helped with that. I do like a good curry for dinner!

The actual passing through immigration was painless, the waiting to pass through immigration took like an hour to an hour and a half of switch back lines. Paul and I had been switching off wheeling the carryon and I was so tired I forgot I had it with me when I went to the bathroom. Didn’t remember for a good… 15-20 minutes, started to panic, went and looked, and it was still there. Practically anywhere else I’ve been that would not have been the case (though it might well have been turned in to an attendant). Luggage and rail tickets in hand we headed off to Tokyo. By then it was dark, so there really wasn’t anything to see on the rail to the city (for the bits that were above ground).

The hotel was near Namco (there were statues, I kept forgetting to get photos.) a short walk from Asakusa station. We stopped into the convenience store across the street (that word actually means what you think it means there) and I discovered the existence of peach coke. Nectar of the gods comes to mind as a descriptor. Paul took to calling the look on my face a peachgasim every time I tried a new peach drink. They were just that good. I have been informed that the USA is allowing me to have nice things in the form of peach coke here. I await my first sampling with dubious optimism. For some reason they always seem to feel the need to alter perfect recipes into less perfect ones, but I can hope they won’t butcher the sheer perfection I tasted.

I wanted to fill my suitcase, but Kit Kats were lighter, so I went with the kit kat scavenger hunt instead. (So many kit kats. So many kit kats.) There were probably at least 20 kinds I didn’t come home with, and close to that many kinds that I did bring back to try.

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