Interrupting Your Regularly Scheduled Travelogue…

My Bandcamp subscription is now active!

(Not an April Fool’s joke, I promise). I decided to stop waiting on a video to post (I’ll add one later instead) and just get it out there.

So wander over to Bandcamp and check it out. This month’s offering is a song titled Breathe. I got brave and asked to debut it at the Norwescon dance. The response was overwhelmingly positive and its not 100% finished yet. People wanted a copy as it is, right now.

I thought briefly about releasing it as a single, but if it is that well liked, than I expect it will probably by one of the songs that sells the album, so I compromised. This is a way to hear it now, as it is, before I tinker with it any further, and a fair bit ahead of the album release (Watch for The Solo Project).

If you weren’t there to hear it, it’s different than my usual fare, fairly significantly. Think mermaid trance with a slight nod to Enigma. Subscribers also get everything I’ve released so far on Bandcamp. If you don’t already own my other albums, subscribing for one month is a great deal for you, two months equals what I would normally make from digital album sales, and anything beyond continues to gain you all new releases, and helps me fund production of those releases.

I will be offering a subscriber only release every month (and I have about a year’s worth of quality backlog built up, so you don’t have to worry about me becoming too busy to make something to share.

Much love whether or not you can afford to subscribe. The music will still find a way to flow.

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