Sakura, Snow, and Ravens on Ostara

Given the day was too wet for good photos we headed over to Akihabara to look around the area and find the Kit Kat Chocolatary. Plans were immediately derailed as falling from the sky in fat fluffy flakes as we came into the station was SNOW!!! I immediately declared that my birthday was today instead of tomorrow (Mom went into labor on the equinox, that counts, right?)

After that I took off wandering random directions outside in the snow. Paul considered his promise fulfilled. “It may have taken several years” he said, “but look! I finally took you to play in the snow!” Given that the snow in question is in Japan, I think we can agree that even if it isn’t going sledding, it definitely counts. Even if it was an accident. 😀

The raven? Was sitting in that Sakura tree. I wasn’t sure at first, but it had an awfully deep voice for a crow or craven, and then it finally shifted so I could see its beak. And then I realized that Japan is positively filled with ravens for at least as far south as Kyoto.

The snow was starting to die down when I saw it. The Book Store. At least ten stories that felt like it rivaled Powell’s. I felt like I was in a never ending mage’s tower of books. If I could read Japanese, I’m not sure there would be much to tell about the rest of the trip. Though Paul might’ve put his foot down once they kicked us out at closing and refused to let me go back.

See the thing is, it wasn’t just filled with books, it was filled with books I’ve never read or seen before!

As it was we did leave, after being severely tempted by some art books (so pretty!) And checked out other things like game arcades, the Square Enix Cafe (all full sadly), figurine shops, PS4 games I can’t play because a) I don’t have a PS4, b) wrong region, and c) it’s hard to play an rpg if you can’t read the language. But there were so many awesome games the US doesn’t have and will probably never be ported over. Is playing a game in Japanese a good way to master language comprehension? The fantasy vocab may not be useful in conversation, but as a storyteller/Songwriter? I passed for now because I think I would also need a Japanese console to play on. If I’m wrong please correct me, and I’ll grab something neat looking next chance I get.

There were cosplay and maid cafe’s (we didn’t go in, apparently many of them are designed to part you from all of your money before you realize.)

I was amused to find that even in Japan, you can drop me in a city with no directions and I will find a Lush. Found two on the same day even! I noticed the store lacked some of the harsh scent edges the US stores have, and the scent was lighter over all. I found myself wondering if the formulation was different or something. Or perhaps there’s more thought given into what sits next to what?

As we headed back to the hotel…

4 Comments on “Sakura, Snow, and Ravens on Ostara

  1. The ravens in Japan are surprisingly 1) large, 2) laid back, and 3) loud when they want to be. When my group went up to Sapporo in Hokkaido we were walking around touristing and there were these beautiful gardens. While walking across a little bridge a raven landed on one of the corners. It was totally chill and just sat there while we took pictures.

    I can assure you, as far as I can tell, maid and cosplay cafes are not part of some conspiracy to rid you of all your money. I went to a maid cafe with my sensei/group when we went last summer. How she explained it was you pay for a block of time and you have to buy one thing, be it a beverage, meal, dessert, or whatever. They also ask that you refrain from getting the maids in any pictures you take because they will charge you a small fee for photos with them. If you’re really not sure then go on the Internet and ask your friendly neighborhood search engine which one is best. If you get a chance, I recommend checking out a cat cafe. Basically you go there, buy a chunk of time, relax, and enjoy the company of the cats.

    As for video games, there is a way to change the region on a PS4 in the settings. However, you can only do it (I think) 4 times, so be careful when doing trying it. As for video game language comprehension I don’t know. I never got past Japanese 200, so I don’t have enough vocabulary to really pick up anything. I still watch anime subbed though, because it’s fun to pick out the stuff I do know and hear their voices instead of my former (and still inept) classmates.

    Ps: I know I’m rather long-winded. Sorry

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