Birthday Space Boats

We started my birthday (actual birthday? Second birthday? Tokyo birthday – I am living in the future now after all…) with a walk along the river. Along the way we saw the Tokyo Skytree from a distance. Its one of the tallest buildings in the world, I believe it ranks #2, and is much, much taller than the Space Needle. We looked it up and I think it was around three times as high? Tall, anyway. Going up sounded neat, but I was hoping for a clear enough day to see Mt. Fuji and it was still decidedly damp.

There was also a space boat on the water!

The Space Boat gives tours, but I never worked out where to get on. Also this way I can totally imagine it was crewed by aliens or robots or something. The truth was only bound to disappoint.


Our first tourist destination of the day was the Imperial Gardens. Which meant exiting at this nifty station that totally reminds me of King Street station in Seattle, and seeing swans.

2 Comments on “Birthday Space Boats

  1. Did you go through the shopping center under/around the skytree? I remember it being really cool. It kinda reminded me of the indoor section of pike’s place market. Now that I think about it, there are a lot of places in Tokyo like pike’s.


    • We didn’t actually make it all the way to the Skytree. We were saving the trip there for a clear day so we could maybe see Mt. Fuji, but the only day it was clear enough we were traveling to Kyoto and saw it on the way. If I make it back to Tokyo I’ll go check out the market there!


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