On to the Tokyo Zoo

The walk up to the zoo was lovely and lined with cherry trees. I saw signs indicating there was a panda cub and got super excited… right up until I found out that you had to get a special viewing ticket, and they were sold out.

Most of the large animal exhibits were closed for maintenance and animal care, but we saw a whole bunch of birds. My inner cat was convinced about half of them were snacks, but they were pretty snacks and fun to watch. The raptors are never food, no matter how tiny and bite sized they are. They convert size into a paralyzing cuteness attack.

We didn’t have time to catch all the animals, and I wasn’t able to get good photos of the otters or kangaroos. Honestly this is one stop where I’m pretty sure Paul got better photos than me with his ability to change lenses. The iPad Pro isn’t bad, but it has its limitations.

I did have to wonder about the missing swans when I saw the sign. With all the other birds on display, were they saying there was a concern that the swans were sick? Or just that they were at higher risk? The reminder that this is part of the region bird flu came from had me cautious about actually trying things like sparrow on a stick. Also, while my cat would have loved it, it looked like a mouthful of mostly bones for a human. Perhaps I missed out?

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