Bigger on the Inside/Strip Me Down – Subscriber song

Okay, first of all, I have been fighting with this song over the tune since August. Its part of that big batch of songs I wrote in a month. Given how much this one meant to me, you’d think I’d have been able to pin the tune down sooner, but in all honesty I think that was part of the problem. I needed distance, and to replace anger with determination.

Also, the key wanders like you wouldn’t believe. Sure I’ll borrow interesting chords for my usual songs, but I don’t tend to write actual key changes. (Lest you point to Fragile Dreams for a rebuttal, that was all Alec’s doing. I just gleefully went along for the ride.) This song and its predecessor both called for it, and I think I pulled it off well.

I decided to include it as a second song this month, because it’s much simpler. This is a reasonably well done first draft with just vocals and guitar. If you think it would sound good as a solo project song, I’ll put the extra effort in to make you a fancier version. Also, there’s such a sense of triumph finishing this that I wanted to share. 🙂

This song started with a spark, but that spark landed in a aged supply of ready fuel. How many times must we be told that we are too much, too bright, too alive? How often are we faced with the choice to be less or lose someone we care about? Sometimes it’s time to say “Enough is enough.”

BRIDGE: I’m tired of being half of who I am
And still it is too much, I make you drown
So I’m throwing out my dimmer switch
Because you never stick around
Even dim I am too bright
So what’s the point of hiding all my light?
Take me as I am or walk away
But don’t demand that I be less for you to stay.

To listen, head over to and subscribe for as little as $3. Subscribing at any point will get you all subscriber offerings, and you get to keep them even if you stop subscribing.

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