Uh oh… She figured out key changes. Run!

I am guilty of cruel and unusual treatment of musicians. Part of my album is in Bbm and Cm, and I have songs with key changes that include Cm and D#minor. You literally can’t make several of those chords on Irish bouzouki. Sure, that’s what capos are for, I just have to figure out how to fix all the keys in a song with one capo. I am a terrible human being. It sounds good though!

On the flip side, there’s a song where I use about 5 different sus2/sus4 chords (which can be a pain on Zouk), and somehow I managed to pick only the ones that are super easy to play.

Also, in the vein of: if it’s applied well, more key changes are better (also known as channeling my inner Andrew Lloyd Webber), I have updated the subscriber version of Bigger on the Inside. I am much happier with it now. 🙂

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