The Left Behind – Subscriber song

I realize I’m only now posting about this in the middle of the month. Day jobs have been keeping me rather busy I’m afraid.

The Left Behind started from a place of anguish, but I was stuck trying to finish it for quite a long time. It was only when I realized that I was also writing a song sung by The Velveteen Rabbit and several other childhood toys and imaginary friends that either faded away or became Real that I was able to finish the lyrics. The tune (other than the chorus) wouldn’t come until I remembered something terribly important. The Velveteen Rabbit never blamed its boy, but simply loved him. It is a sad thing to be forgotten and left behind, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot live on and become Real ourselves. Or realize that we always were real, if only we could see it.

CHORUS: Who are we in the absence of the other?
What keeps us having form if not belief?
I won’t fade silent into shadow without fighting
Though I know defiance barely covers grief.

On the technical side of things, I’m particularly happy that this song finally had me coming up with true four part harmonies that are rich and full and beautiful. That’s always been a particular weak point of mine.

One of my early beta listeners had this to say of an earlier, rougher draft…

“I cannot stop listening to it. It’s haunting, sad, loneliness, dangerous, daunting, truthful, beautiful and enchanting all in one single blow between the music and the lyrics combined it is a harrowing call from those left behind in the imagination and the life given to them.”

If you want to hear it for yourself, it’s available to subscribers at my bandcamp page

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