Witness at the Gate – Subscriber song

For my second offering this month I bring you Witness at the Gate. It was written and recorded last night in response to… well, a great many things really. Its about being the witness, the one who watches the descent into darkness, but also the possible climb back into light. Its about being unable to intervene in any way other than being a beacon to guide the way home. Its about a role that is often overlooked in stories, and about choices always being there, even when it seems past the point of no return.

It was fed a bit by a discussion I have going strong on my Facebook page about laws of power and ethics and happiness.

(Apathy, action, friendship, greed)

(Compassion, power, knowledge, need)

And I can hold the line

(but it does no good, does no good, does no good)

If you’re happy where you are

And I can light your path

(If you cared to see, cared to see, cared to see)

But I won’t be a falling star

If you want to hear it, head over to my Subscriber page at music.leannansidhe.com. $3 gets you four Subscriber only songs thus far, with more soon to come.

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