Studio Fail #1

That moment in the studio when you realize you really need to record something else before this instrument layer.

Now I have to teach myself to think “percussion”. This? This is not my strong point people. I’m a dancer, percussion lives in my feet not my head.

(Working with GarageBand for the drum kit. It’s totally got an assistant for the percussively impaired. I’m not entirely sure if it makes things better or worse…)

For those who don’t understand how multi-track studio sessions work, your foundation track is your rhythm track. Usually percussion, but you can have rhythm guitar, bass, piano… even vocals if you’re an acapella group.

Now I knew this, and thought I had my rhythm instrument set (Irish bouzouki if you’re curious). But then I realized that song really did need the drum kit. And if I was being honest, so did that other one. Cue a screeching halt as we discover that my scratch GarageBand version is incompatible in several places with the Zouk pattern.

Now I have homework. Make a pattern that suits an acoustic version of the song. Get it to Dara so she can alter her playing pattern if she needs to. Hope it sounds good enough to use. THEN record Zouk.

(Hand drums ought to go first too, but it’s a little easier to cheat and add those later if you have to. Not good studio practice mind, but they work better as a last minute add than a kit generally will.)

Secondary homework. Re-analyze every other song for whether they need percussion and recruit a talented hand drummer if so.

So glad I haven’t set a release date yet (just a personal target goal).

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