New Song! The Solo Project – Eternal Reverie

My dear goblins and gentlefey, I announce my first official release since Mine to Love came out in 2013!

Eternal Reverie is my first ever released piece of instrumental Fairy Trance. It’s free to listen to, and buying it helps me bring you more music (The next song is in queue and will go up as soon as I’m done poking at the vocals and the mix).

This is part of the ongoing Solo Project. The Solo Project was originally meant to be just an album, and as the name suggests, is entirely by me. Well, mostly. I’m recording vocals in Dara’s studio and she’s running the controls, and any mastering will likely be done by someone else because it’s generally prudent.

The songs are mine, the compositions are mine, the playing is me using GarageBand, the editing and mixing and album/song art are all mine. This is what I come up with when I don’t have (or let) anyone else help me. It got started on the bus (I do a LOT of commuting), and I kept discovering more that I was capable of. I stepped it up a notch to prove that I can be awesome all by myself, mostly for my self (Honestly that’s a thing for a lot of us creative types).   I still miss live in-studio collaboration, but it’s a pretty great feeling that I made something cool all by myself!)

Before I knew it I was writing music related to the 80’s, Fairy Trance, and complicated vocal harmonies. Clearly an album was happening, except that rather than stopping to polish the songs off I kept going and realized the Solo Project might be less a single album, and more a new band (Two new bands if you count The Solo Project +). Further more, it’s becoming more clear that even under The Solo Project I have multiple styles, and it might be nice if they were to match on an album…

Rather than keep dithering about what exactly the next album will have on it, I’m trying something new. I’m releasing songs from The Solo Project as singles for now, with a plan to bundle them up into an album (or two) down the road.  I’ve got a release date in mind, and a concert slot booked.  I just have to buckle down, get these vocals done, and get over my nerves about performing what essentially amounts to Karaoke for you to showcase the album.  (But really, how else do you perform something when you wrote almost everything using instruments your friends don’t play? …And how do I show off an instrumental piece? Clearly the answer is to dance!)

As a side note to any of my musician friends reading this: The Solo Project + does in fact feature real people besides me on top of (or replacing some parts) the new music. If you think of fun ways to reinterpret any of the songs in our usual acoustic configuration (or other ways), I’m all ears! Attempts to reinterpret into Ragtime will see me laughing too hard to sing. You have been warned.

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