New Song! The Solo Project – Winter is Coming

©2018 Shanti Singleton

Hero or Villain? Sometimes it really depends on where you’re standing. One person’s defiance can easily be another’s insanity, and who is to say who is right and who is wrong. So beware, for either way Winter is coming…

This song started as a scrap of chorus and threatened to stay there until Dara Korra’ti helped poke at it and tossed out the idea of the sapling. I didn’t know the rest of the story until a music theory class prompted me to finish it and submit the lyrics for an assignment. The best three would be posted and we’d have to compose a tune to match. Of course I liked mine enough that I couldn’t submit without writing my own tune first. (A precaution so if someone else wrote something awesome to it I couldn’t be accused of stealing bits of their work.) I was delighted and astonished when mine was chosen. One of my friends, Emily Ridgeway, did in fact write a tune I enjoyed quite a lot, so I was happy I’d taken the extra time with it.

This one is a stronger blend of acoustic and synth than the last two (still all GarageBand though). I thought about playing with it more, but realized I liked the sound I had.

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