New Song! The Solo Project – Reflections

My dearest goblins and gentlefey! I have two things to announce today!

The first is that I shall be presenting the Solo Project on Thursday evening of Norwescon at 10pm. Originally The Solo Project started as me being bored on a bus with access to GarageBand, with the idea that I would see what I could make if I did everything myself. I made enough things that I decided The Solo Project was actually an album title… and then I made more! At this point The Solo Project is my new solo band.

So at Norwescon look for me and my iPad performing an album’s worth of new music (including a couple of familiar songs with a brand new sound). Much of it is excellent to dance to (and I would love to see you out there dancing!).

The second announcement is this new song (which will be performed at Norwescon). Reflections was inspired by a couple of very close friendships I’ve had. The kind where you’re so similar in who you are that you could almost be twins… and then discovering that *almost* can be the bane of communication.

I felt like I was like Alice, standing on one side of a pane of a mirror, pounding on the glass and trying to communicate with someone in a world that hit the uncanny valley between utterly familiar and unsettlingly wrong. Not for my friend, but for me and everything I thought I knew. I realized they’d been seeing only as much of me as they could see in the mirror, and that they had no idea that the world just out of sight was dramatically different than the world they lived in.

By the end, I felt more like I was writing the song from both sides of the mirror, feeling like neither side was more real than the other.

(As a side note, with minor changes I think this would also make for a great Harry Potter or Alice filk song. Which I discovered when I accidentally sang trust instead of touch in the first verse.)

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