New Song! The Solo Project – Unbound

Thank you my darlings for taking time to listen to the last song! This is currently looking to be the title track of the next album, so I’m excited to be able to share it!

The summer before last, I was in a bad place. All at the same time I was facing being graduated, homeless, jobless, my relationship was ending (as were some of my best friendships). My cats were living with my soon to be ex, and I was facing a world in which I essentially had no ties or responsibilities defining me or what I did with my time. (This was also during wildfire season, so being outside in Seattle wasn’t very safe breathing-wise.)

I was falling apart and then I opened my mouth and this song came pouring out, lifting me out of a world of hopelessness and into a world of possibility. I was looking at a tabula rasa. I could be anyone, go anywhere, do anything. I could choose. I wouldn’t have to try to fit things around the space that was already cluttered with promises, habits and responsibilities.

It was an exhilarating, terrifying sort of freedom.

I’m unbound!
As the eagle flies above me
I’m unbound!
You can hear the dragons roar
I’m unbound!
As the lost ones leave the ocean
I’m unbound!
As they race along the shore

Yes, if you were wondering, there’s a small nod to the Last Unicorn in there. But it’s not all fantasy*, I realized as I was singing it again later that my thoughts kept going to the SpaceX Dragon which became the first commercially built and operated spacecraft to be recovered successfully from orbit. Reportedly it’s name in turn was inspired by one of the earliest songs I remember, Puff the Magic Dragon.

It’s good to take the time to remind yourself to stop letting yourself be limited by what other people think is possible, because most of the greatest accomplishments of their time were thought of as impossible once. Which is why, like Alice, I try to believe in impossible things before breakfast. =^_^=

*No. I am not singing about the elder gods or Godzilla as Certain people can’t stop thinking. And now you can’t stop thinking it either. :p. UNICORNS. The lost ones are UNICORNS!

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