Kickstarter Launch!

My dearest Goblins and Gentlefey! The first Solo Project album is finally in sight! Everything is done enough for me to feel comfortable launching a Kickstarter project to see it polished and distributed. Baseline is for a digital distribution. If you want CD’s, aim for at least one tier up.

Some reminders about how Kickstarter works: this is all or nothing funding. You don’t get charged for the very end (and only on success), so if you don’t have the money now, but will have it by the end, it is safe to pledge right away (and you can cancel backing if needs must right up until you’re charged.

Second, projects that reach 25% in the first few days are much more likely to succeed. It’s common for people to wait till the last minute and the swoop in to save the day, but it is vastly more helpful to come in at the start. I’ll take it happily either way, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Third… crowdfunding campaigns live or die by word of mouth (social platforms?). Even if you can’t contribute directly, please consider sharing and talking it up to people who might be interested.

The project is set to end at midnight, pacific time on May 15th. I’m aiming for rewards being mailed out by the end of July. That gives me a bit over a month to finish the songs (which are nearly done, just vocals to redo and fiddling with the mix), another month for mastering, and most of a month for production.

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