New Song! The Solo Project – Breathe

*Jaw drops* You… you all funded me almost to the second tier of my Kickstarter project while I was sleeping! ❤️❤️❤️ Only $20 more and there will be a tiny run of physical CD’s. And I was #7 on Kickstarter’s popular music projects! You lot deserve a treat. 😊

This song was inspired by Lee Hadan’s novel Breakwater, the dangers of scuba diving into the blue holes, and mysterious impossible rescues. Breathe was also my first venture into complex vocal harmonies, something I’d never had much luck with before. I blame it entirely on the mermaids that snuck into the studio!

Last year I debuted the rough version at the Norwescon dance after Rasputin and was stunned when it held the dance floor! I was also utterly delighted by the number of lesbian couples dancing. Enough so than when I went to do the album art, I replaced the male character from the book with a woman, and decided to dedicate this one to all my amazingly wonderful queer fans.

Lee has several other novels out, a tumblr and a Patreon. I highly recommend checking out her work!

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