New Release! The Solo Project – Understand Me Is My Battlecry!

First, thank you to everyone who backed my Kickstarter so far! There’s a little over 24 hours left if you still want to lend a hand (my mastering expenses went up a bit, so the extra is very helpful).

Now onto the song!

Understand Me Is My Battlecry grew out of a songwriting class, being ghosted by some of the people dearest to me, and memories of all the times I wanted to scream “Who are you actually talking to in this conversation, because I’m pretty sure it’s not me!” It is also quite possibly the first big break from my traditional style of music.

This is one of the rare songs where the title came first, as part of a challenge to come up with 10 interesting song titles in a week. The next assignment was to choose a title and write a verse and chorus for it. I was stuck there for a bit, so I put it on the back burner until I had a story to channel into it.

I want to pause here and say that being ghosted, being treated like you don’t exist is extremely damaging when it’s strangers. When it’s the people who you love and who purport to care about you… it’s utterly devastating to most people. It isn’t always intentional on someone’s part, there are things that can cause any of us to drop off the radar for a time. Sometimes it is though. And there are no words for how awful it feels when the reason behind it is because they stopped seeing you and suddenly started interpreting you through the worst google translator imaginable. No words except UNDERSTAND ME!

Writing this song helped me remind myself that no matter how much I care about someone, if they’re not willing to make an effort to see the actual me instead of the ghosts of their past traumas… that sometimes it’s better to turn my face to the sky, spread my wings, and leave it all behind.

There’s a saying about letting a caged bird go, and if it loves you it will return. To my way of thinking, letting it go is basic decency. Learning how to fly beside it… that’s love.

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