Leannan Sidhe
Leannan Sidhe is a professional fey Cascadian singer/songwriter with a lovely shimmering soprano voice, traveling feet and an overwhelming fondness for bittersweet fairytale folk music.  Primary bandmembers include a cello playing alligator (Jeri Lynn Cornish) and a lava-haired supervillain (Dara Korra’ti) who plays all the things, but mostly Irish bouzouki, mandolin and flute when she’s with the band.

Press soundbite aside, I’m also a budding digital audio engineer.  My experiences with recording my first two albums (Fragile Dreams and Mine to Love), coupled with two fantastic recording and mixing engineers who talked to me about what they were doing and why, convinced me that this too was something I could do.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, I find that I absolutely love the work and am actively enjoying helping out my community as my live sound skills progress under the mentorship of John Seghers.

My current project is an album from my new band, The Solo Project. Unbound! is due out around the end of July, and there’s a Kickstarter running for it now. (Information on my home page and in various blog posts). Everything from the music to art to engineering is all me. The only things that are being handled by others are the mastering and actual printing of discs and art. And the funding! Very important, that!

MtL Cover

Most recently released (2014) is Mine to Love, a mix of dark fairy tales and passion, wrapped in a labyrinth, sprinkled with enchantment and served with a side of whimsy.  Joined by Alexander James Adams, Betsy Tinney, and Sunnie Larson, as well as SJ Tucker, Rob Lindfors, Jeri Lynn Cornish, Crime and the Forces of Evil, and Bards of a Feather, the old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” feels rather spot on. The album artwork was painted by the very talented Rob Carlos who perfectly combined elements from the music with inspirations drawn directly from life and transformed into something utterly enchanting.

2011 marked the debut of my first album Fragile Dreams which owes its existence in part to the wonders of crowd-sourcing. For its creation I was able to work with several of the musicians I admire most to create music that turned out exactly the way I barely dared hope for. It is a testament to the power of dreams and in not having to make compromises about the things that matter most. If what you’re looking for is well written lyrics sung by a shimmering soprano and lovingly supported by guitar, harp, and a tasty combination of cello, violin, and fiddle, with a bit of percussion for spice and mandolin and flute for flavor, then this is the album for you.

I’ve been a regular performer at both Norwescon and Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire since 2011/2011, with my primary venues being festivals, conventions, and house concerts among which I’ve been honored to perform at Faerieworlds and at the Texarkana Beltaine event.  I also have a couple of coffee shops and a comic/game store I’m fond of performing at, and I’ve even performed at nursing homes in the past (I pulled on my knowledge of old-timey songs for that, to give the residents something that reminded them of their youth), so if you’re interested in hiring me, please feel free to contact me.  I’m open to most requests that treat me with professional respect.  By default I mostly perform original music, but I do have a collection of period songs for renfaires, pagan songs, and covers (and though I almost never perform them I’m ridiculously fond of showtunes and certain songs from the 80’s), and I do take requests for a general type of music into request when someone is hiring me.

Some of my notable musical influences over the years include Enya, Loreena McKennett, Rumors of the Big Wave, Tania Opland, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Heather Alexander, Cecelia Eng, Alexander James Adams, S.J. Tucker, Vixy and Tony, and a rather large collection of music from the 80′s. For all of that, my musical style and voice are distinctly my own, helped along by some words of wisdom along the way…

The world doesn’t need another Loreena McKennett, Sarah Brightman or Heather Alexander, it already has them. What the world needs and doesn’t have is one of you.

~Paul Linnes

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