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Pressing Play

One of the hard things about being a musician is when people say they love your music, but hardly anyone is willing to take the time to listen to or buy it. It’s very easy to fall into a state of wondering if people…

New Song! The Solo Project – Eternal Reverie

My dear goblins and gentlefey, I announce my first official release since Mine to Love came out in 2013! Eternal Reverie is my first ever released piece of instrumental Fairy Trance. It’s free to listen to, and buying it helps me bring you more…

Writing a Song: Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Quite often new songs sneak up behind me, all of one piece, and take me hostage until I get them pinned down. This has nearly gotten me fired from a day job before (but the song in question was totally worth it).

The Relationship Between Hunger and Creativity

I nodded, thinking it over. “It seems like the best place to be if I follow your logic is the point where hunger is nipping at your heels but hasn’t quite caught up to you yet.” My friend flashed a grin at me, pleased that I was following along, and added “Of course there are exceptions, there are always exceptions. But it does seem to be true that fewer great creations happen after an artist gets comfortable than before.”